What Is Water Hammer?

Have you heard of this plumbing term before? It’s a plumbing problem that can result in serious plumbing issues if it’s not addressed in a timely manner. In this post, we talk more about what water hammer is and how to stop it.

First, let us start off by saying that it’s not uncommon for one’s home plumbing to make sounds when the water’s flowing through the pipes. Sometimes these sounds are loud and distressing because they make a banging sound. We call this sound water hammer.

What Is Water Hammer?

Water hammer happens when fluid in the pipes is forced to change directions quickly due to a pressure surge. The momentum gained creates a shockwave which causes pipes to bang and shake. The reason we call this water hammer is that the water rushing back into the pipes and valves sounds like hammering.

Now, not all water hammer issues are bad. Sometimes the problem’s related to high water pressure. This is something that most homeowners can fix by checking the water pressure using a water pressure gauge that is available from hardware stores, plumbing supply stores, and home improvement stores. The water can be adjusted using a pressure regulating device installed on the main line coming into the home.

When Is Water Hammer Harmful to My Plumbing?

Homeowners should address water hammer because when it happens often is will wear away at the valves and pipe joints. Eventually, this can cause leaky pipes and burst pipes. The sooner one addresses water hammer issues, the better.

How to Stop Water Hammer

Fortunately, water hammer has a few effective solutions. Here are some of the ways our plumbers in Cypress address water hammer issues.

  • Securing pipes: When pipes are loose, it doesn’t take much for water hammer problems to cause shaking and banging. The easiest and least expensive ways to address water hammer are to secure loose pipes with plastic hangers to keep the pipes in place. It’s also recommended to wrap parts of the pipe with pipe insulation. Insulation will absorb shock. Securing pipes work best for mild cases of water hammer.
  • Install an air chamber: Giving water an alternate route for water to rebound after the water suddenly stops is highly effective. One way to do this is to install an air chamber. A professional plumber can help you install this retrofit easily and put an end to noisy water hammer.
  • Install mechanical shock arrestors: This is the best solution for homes that have severe water hammer issues. These devices stop and absorb shockwaves. The arrestors are installed around plumbing choices and consist of a spring and air bladder.

At Cypress Discount Plumbing & Drain, we want to remind you that leaving small problems alone doesn’t make the problem go away. It only prolongs the inevitable and leads to serious plumbing issues. To take care of water hammer in your home, contact us today for fast and effective plumbing service in Cypress, CA.


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