Top-Rated Slab Leak Inspection Company in Cypress – We Detect Leaks for Less!

Plumbing leaks can raise a number of concerns for homeowners. Not only can these leaks leave you wondering about the safety of your home, but they come with their own set of financial concerns. At Cypress Discount Plumbing and Drain, we believe that our customers should have access to reliable and professional discount plumbing services, including water leak detection.

If you have a slab leak or need to discuss other water issues like a leaky water heater with a certified contractor, give us a call today. Our contractors have the skills and expertise to find the smallest leaks and make repairs that are always within your budget.

Slab Leaks Are No Match for Our Super Hero Water Leak Detection Plumbers

A slab leak is something that homeowners don’t want to think about. These leaks are not only potentially destructive, but they have been known to cost quite a bit of money to repair. While some repairs may cost more than others, when you do business with Cypress Discount Plumbing and Drain we want you to know that you are getting unrivaled workmanship at a fraction of the cost that other companies charge.

Why Are We So Budget-Friendly?

Thanks to innovative electric leak detection equipment we have the ability to find below ground leaks without tearing up massive amounts of concrete. Our contractors are trained to use non-invasive detection methods, which reduces the costs for you. Not every company in town has this equipment nor do they have trained plumbing specialists that know how to use it properly.

To find out how much leak detection costs, give us a call and we’ll provide you with a free written estimate.

Top-Rated Repairs 24/7

Do you suspect you have a slab leak? Higher than average water bills and the sound of running water through your walls or floor are usually strong indicators that something isn’t right below the surface of your home’s concrete slab. Once you begin to suspect you have a problem, give us a call right away. The longer you wait to call the more you put your home at risk of major damage.

For 24-hour leak detection service in Cypress, California, call the expert water leak plumbers.