Effective Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services in Cypress

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Sewer Clean Out

A clogged sewer line causes numerous problems. From persistent backups to raw sewage leaks, blocked sewer lines equal one big mess. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize they have a dirty sewer line until they flush their toilets and raw sewage bubbles up from other drains in the home. Luckily, this doesn’t have to happen to you. Regular sewer maintenance that includes drain cleaning services prevents this problem and keeps everything flowing in the correct direction.

How often do I need sewer line cleaning?

That’s a great question. Generally, once or twice a year is enough for the average household. However, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. That’s why we recommend that you get in contact with one of our licensed plumbers in Cypress, CA, to discuss your property’s individual needs. If you run a business, you likely need more frequent services because of the increased usage. Give us a call today and we’ll get sewer expert out to your home for a free estimate.

Why Does Professional Drain Cleaning Services Make a Difference?

That’s a question we answer a lot. Many of our customers use natural or store-bought drain cleaning solutions to clear clogged drains in their homes or businesses. While these solutions work for small clogs, they aren’t effective on very dirty drains. Also, chemical drain cleaners aren’t really all that great for your plumbing system. The chemicals in these cleaners breaks down pipe material and lead to corrosion, which leads to leaks.

For these reasons, we recommend professional drain cleaning services. We use technology that protects the structure of the pipes and thoroughly cleans. Hydro-jetting technology uses a high-pressurized water stream that cleans every bit of the pipe. It doesn’t simply create a hole in the blockage to allow water to flow through temporarily like chemical cleaners or snakes do. Using this machine, our drain cleaning experts are able to provide you with long-lasting results.

About Sewer Drain Cleaning Costs

Why do people purchase chemical cleaners even when they know the risks? The answer always comes down to cost. It’s perceivably cheaper to purchase drain cleaning products than hire licensed plumbers for sewer and drain cleaning service. However, we’d like to bust a hole in that myth.

Sewer and drain cleaning costs in Cypress, CA, are relatively inexpensive. In many cases, you get a full cleaning for less than $100 depending on the location of the clog and length of the line. Chemical cleaners cost around $10 a bottle, but if you buy cleaner every few weeks, costs add up. Also, if the chemicals cause pipe damage you have that cost to contend with, too.

The bottom line: Professional drain cleaning services are the most economical choice.

If you’re dealing with persistent drainage problems, get in touch with Cypress Discount Plumbing and Drain. Let us show you how affordable our sewer and drain cleaning services really are!