Cypress, CA – Toilet Repair and Toilet Installation

Of all the plumbing problems you could face clogged toilets have to be the worst. When you find yourself in this unpleasant scenario, call Cypress Discount Plumbing and Drain for professional toilet repair 24 hours a day! We know that a clogged toilet can sometimes be a sign of a bigger problem such as a problem with the sewer line. Waiting too long to call for help and continuing to struggle with backed up toilets can end up costing you more money in the long run. Let us save you the hassle of dealing with a broken toilet. Call us today for a free estimate for repairs!

Running Toilets

Does your toilet run nonstop? A constantly running toilet is not as gross as a clogged toilet, but it is still rather frustrating. So, what causes a toilet to run for hours on end? Well, believe it or not, the problem is actually a leak inside the toilet. It’s easy to identify a leak around the base of the toilet because it’s obvious. However, many people don’t realize that leaks can exist inside the tank too.

These leaks usually start because there is a problem with the hardware inside of the tank. When you open up the tank’s lid, you’ll see a few contraptions. Here you will see the flapper valve that lets water out and then seals shut to keep it in after the toilet has flushed. Inside the tank is also the flush valve assembly. When one of these components goes bad, water may continue to “leak” into the overflow tube and your toilet may continue to run nonstop.

Repairing a leaky toilet isn’t difficult. In fact, many of the parts to make these repairs are available at your local home improvement store. But, if you don’t know what you’re doing or if the situation doesn’t improve when you make those minor repairs, you’ll want to call a plumber in Cypress, CA, to come out to your house to take a look.

Toilets that run nonstop use hundreds of gallons of water within just a few short hours. The longer you wait to take action, the more money you are essentially flushing down the toilet.

New Toilet Replacement

Are you considering replacing a toilet in your home? Are you completing a remodeling job of an existing bathroom? Finding a new toilet for your home that is water-efficient and stylish has never been easier. Today’s market is inundated with a variety of styles that use less water than previous models. For example, do you have a toilet in your home that was made prior to 1994? Most of these toilets were designed to use as much as three gallons of water per flush. New toilets use half as much and if you purchase a toilet with the dual-flush option you may only use as little as .9 gallons of water when flushing liquid waste.

Our plumbers can help you choose a new toilet that meets your budget and can even help you with toilet installation.

To learn more about how you can prevent clogged toilets and to inquire about all our plumbing services for Cypress, CA, residents, give us a shout. We’re available 24/7!